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Every year many products are found to be defective or unsafe and are recalled. Obviously, safety and reliability are the primary concerns of consumers, whether purchasing a car seat or a prescription drug. When a product is discovered to be unsafe or defective, it may have generally already affected hundreds or thousands of people.

There are three primary ways a product can be defective:

  • Manufacturing defects — problem with the making of the product
  • Design defect — problem is inherent in the products conception
  • Marketing defect — improper labeling, safety warnings, or consumer manuals

If a defective product has caused harm, injury, or death to you or a family member, you may be entitled to compensation. Defective products such as car seats, strollers, tires, playpens, pharmaceuticals, prosthetics, space heaters, and medical devices can cause serious personal injury.

Products generally have numerous companies behind them. From the early stages of conception to the marketing and distribution, a product may involve multiple responsible parties. It is important to have experienced attorneys working to uncover all the instances of possible liability and fault, and to fight for appropriate compensation.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (www.cpsc.gov) provides additional information about defective and recalled products.

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